dimanche, mai 28, 2006


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Pierre (2) a dit…

De retour d'escapade, quelle chance, au retour, d'être accueilli par tant d'intimité, de subtilité et d'amitié par le poète de la lumière!

bkphotography a dit…

Bonjour Jean,

Oooooooooooh, look at those colours. J'adore les couleurs! J'aimerais beaucoup la (?) premiere photo.

I find it amazing how you composed both photographs, so simple, yet so elegant.

So beautiful, serene even!

Ruth a dit…

Ambiance bien mystérieuse!

Pam in Tucson a dit…

I love the sense of history in the lace curtain and the chest. Once more your discerning eye seeks and captures beauty and light - the wonderful lacy shadow - quite perfect.

Sidney a dit…

Indeed, perfect! Great capture of light and shadows!

mamounette a dit…

Tout est si beau vu par toi...

Sylvain a dit…

Très jolie photo! Le vent d'un soir d'été accompagne les derniers rayons orangés dans la demeure qui s'assoupit.

pfong a dit…


This series of shots with the light and the textures is marvellous. I especially like this type of photography, the quite ordinary moments which are seen with your keen eye.

Timmybomb a dit…

I really like both of these photos, especially the one of the chair. Excellent use of a great lighting opportunity.

Dr. Emer a dit…

La lumière semble être dans une humeur espiègle pendant qu'elle se mélange harmonieusement avec les couleurs.

Dalva a dit…

Linda foto, meu amigo Jean!

Esta e a da cadeira, para mim, são as mais belas!

Beijos da amiga

Dalva (São Paulo-Brasil)

Dalva a dit…
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Vita a dit…

Oh! How lovely.

Diane - Daily Walks a dit…

Jean, this one is exquisite. The patterns...the lighting! Really beautiful. I love how the elements almost float in the frame. It gives it a very dreamy feeling.

Lisa a dit…

Dear Jean ~ I'm sorry I've been away from you blog for so long! I appreciate you still coming to visit and comment on my blog.

I have to say that you are the Master of Light! These photos are just gorgeous beyond words! My favorite is the photo of the window with the lace curtains, and the shadow of the lace on the bureau. I love it so much!

My blog has moved to: http://leaf.slpro.com
I hope you visit me there sometime. :-)

Legabal a dit…

Gran foto, Jean. La luz es aire y es recuerdo sobre los muebles antiguos. Poeta de la luz.

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